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Our customers demand access to the best solutions and services. That is why we partnered with the world's largest provider of cloud infrastructure and digital services.

KeyCore was originally established as a traditional digital consulting firm. The founding partners came with a solid experience base from some of the country's largest companies in finance, shipping, and logistics, where they had spearheaded some of the largest Danish digital transformation processes.

In 2015, however, the partners decided to sharpen their business profile significantly and became some of the first to introduce AWS as a cloud supplier in the Danish market. At that time, AWS already had a large share of the international cloud market but was still relatively unknown in Denmark.

This commitment at such an early stage is one of the key reasons why KeyCore to this day remains one of the absolute leading AWS partners in Denmark, with both Advanced, Well-Architected and Public Sector certification. A position that is maintained not least through our hiring of several of the highest certified AWS experts, who are continuously trained and included in global networks with access to new insights and experiences that prepare them for a future with increasing complexity and demands for in-dept business understanding.

KeyCore has enjoyed a stable growth rate with an increasing trend in recent years. Today, more than 35 certified AWS specialists and cloud experts work daily to help Scandinavian companies and research institutions take advantage of the unique opportunities that come with AWS' infrastructure and services.


Christian Petersen

Chief Architect, Partner

Tue Lystrup

Sales director, Partner

Peter Hjæresen

Business Analyst, Partner

Du you want to work fulltime with AWS?

Contact us today to hear about the career options with KeyCore

Du you want to work fulltime with AWS?

Contact us today to hear about the career options with KeyCore

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