Let us help you to get control of your AWS operations

Are optimization and operations of AWS infrastructure not your core competence? Ours is, so we think it makes really good sense that you let us about it so you can concentrate on your core business. We have compounded different basis packages, which we have compounded after different customer's demands, but feel free to contact us if you are in doubt of something or miss anything you cannot read about here. View our pricing chart below to find the best plan for you.

  • Bronze
  • AWS monitoring and email alerting
  • Rebooting during business hours
  • Monitoring of CPU, memory and disk
  • E-mail based support during business hours
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  • Silver
  • Everything from bronze plus
  • Phone based support during business hours
  • Application monitoring during business hours
  • Automated start/stop of instances
  • Patch-management of Operating System
  • Periodic capacity adjustments
  • Chat with support in danish
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  • Gold
  • All from silver plus
  • Phone support 24 / 7
  • Application monitoring 24 / 7
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We are here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Just some of the many features

AWS support in fluent Danish and English

All our supporters are fluent in Danish and English – then you can always talk to a certified expert and be sure that you understand each other.


We help you to ensure that your infrastructure is fully automated. This helps you to get flexibility, being scalable, save money and get increased security.

Reactive surveillance

With an AWS subscription, KeyCore reacts on any alarm there may be, and we also make sure that it is the right alarms you have in your systems.

Advising & development

We can both help you with design and development of your solutions – or review them to ensure that you make the best out of latest possibilities for cost savings.

Is AWS right for your business?

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