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KeyCore introduces AWS GameDay in Denmark

ChallengeThe website is currently unavailable due to missing payments. Al access to data is blocked due to rejection of all payments. There are no funds available. And the CEO has left the office, nobody knows about his whereabouts, but he has apparently gathered all the company’s funds and has disappeared.  Customers are getting angry; we are out of control and it is your assignment to get things back on track. You have retrieved a company credit card and are ready to start all over again with a new AWS account. … Read More

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Check what Facebook really knows about you

What does Facebook really know about you? This blog entry is for once not about AWS but about how you can see all the data Facebook have on you. To find out what Facebook knows about you, follow these steps: … Read More

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Check what Google really knows about you

What does Google really knows about you? In our previous post, we showed you how to see what Facebook knows about you – but what about Google? Find out by using the guide we have made for you: To find … Read More

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How well do you control your data security?
Get a free compliance check

KeyCore is introducing a new product that ensures compliance with Best Practices Compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) can be a complex affair, but have you considered that it is possible to document (automatically) that your infrastructure complies … Read More

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Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our new blog, here on keycore.dk. We are very dedicated to AWS why we always has something to share about the subject. In this blog, you will read about all the possibilities AWS gives you, newest technologies, news … Read More

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