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AWS cloud provides access to free scalability. A relief from the on-prem or warehouse challenges of having access to the right capacity. But without the right expertise, the bill can get too big.

If the transition from CAPEX to OPEX in a scalable infrastructure is to take place without unpleasant surprises and budget overruns, it requires a thorough understanding not only of the technical specifications, but a broader and more specialized competence profile.

Therefore, KeyCore has specially trained AWS Cloud Economists who combine deep insights and experience with the three core areas: AWS Cloud infrastructure, internal processes, and workflows, as well as budget optimization and finance.

Ideally, our Cloud Economist is involved from the outset to ensure that clear policies are established for logging, warnings, and automating cost-controlling processes and agile resource allocation across the organization.

If there is already an existing cloud infrastructure, our Cloud Economist prepares an in-depth analysis using, among other things, AWS CloudWatch, which provides insights down to the smallest instance: Hour to hour, minute to minute, second to second. Full overview of the total use across all EC2 instances, categorized by departments, services or business areas as far back as 15 months.

Based on this, a comprehensive catalogue of policies for the optimal allocation strategy and automated processes to support the prioritized needs is provided.

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