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FAQ about GDPR

If you have other questions you can always contact us via our website or at

What does this mean for GDPR?

There is no official certification which can give your infrastructure a “GDPR compliant” stamp. But by ensuring that your AWS accounts are setup using best practices, you will have come a long way towards protecting yourself against loss of data. Apart from that our solutions for continuous reporting and event-based compliance evaluation will help you ensure that security by design becomes an integrated part of all future infrastructure changes.

We are concerned about running your CloudFormation template

You don’t need to use our template to give the needed access rights to our reporting tool. You can either create a role with cross-account rights to our dedicated account (Account ID: 441016470235) and just send us a mail the the role ARN, or you can contact us directly and we’ll be happe to help you find another solution.

We have a lot of AWS acocunts (more than 10) – do you have an entreprise plan?

Contact us directly for a quote.

Can we get the report as PDF?

Yes, reports can be delivered as PDF, JSON, HTML, Excel, or Markdown. Use the HTTP Accept header to indicate the format you require:

text/html => HTML
application/markdown => Markdown
application/excel => Excel
application/pdf => PDF
application/json => JSON (default)

Where can I read more about compliance and AWS?

AWS has several good mini-sites. Start at the general compliance site, or the GDPR specific sub site.

Can we get a real-time notification, if a rule is violated?

Yes. Generating a report, by nature, only gives a snapshot of the state of your AWS infrastructure.
KeyCore’s GDPR Compliance tool can provide you with the assurance that things continue to be in order through real-time review of all changes in your infrastructure. This gives you an instantaneous notification, if any compliance rule is violated. You can receive notations via email, SMS, ServiceNow, Slack, SNS, SQS, or any other channel you may wish.

We have customer-made corporate security policies, but how can KeyCore’s Compliance tool report on these?

KeyCore’s Compliance eport includes a number of best practice checks from, among others, Amazon and the Center for Internet Security (CIS). If you have special corporate rules you wish to include in the compliance reporting, contact us and we will configure a report that is custom made for your needs.

What is CloudFormation?

CloudFormation is the AWS Template Service that enables JSON or YAML documents to describe how other AWS services should be set up. When a template is executed, it becomes an AWS Stack – and the same template may (depending on content of course) be used many times, resulting in many Stacks.
The benefits of CloudFormation are many, but among them is the opportunity to clean up afterwards. Removing a AWS Stack eliminates all resources that were created by a CloudFormation template. See much more in the official CloudFormation documentation.