With deep insights into both the competitive and regulatory challenges and demands of the financial industry, KeyCore delivers AWS solutions that pave the way for maximum development and growth.

One of the most important competitive parameters in modern financial business is the development of digital products and services that satisfy the ever-increasing demands of both private and professional end users.

This presupposes agile development environments and fast time-to-market.

KeyCore’s solutions ensures that the development time of new digital services e.g., through the creation of secure development environments in an AWS infrastructure with multi-accounts and individual landing zones is significantly shortened, just as the costs associated with setting up new operating environments are reduced.

Regulatory pressure is only increasing, and non-compliance has not only legal consequences but also seriously affects the public perception negatively.

Utilizing e.g., AWS Compliance Enablers, AWS Compliance Program and access to AWS’ full catalogue of templates to abide by the world’s various compliance regimes, KeyCores assists financial sector professionals achieve cloud infrastructure designs, with custom templates defining clear access, logging, and warning policies as well as meticulous documentation of interactions and transactions.

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