• Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    At KeyCore we are working on a number interesting of projects containing both AI- and ML components building on well-known AWS technology – AWS Rekognition, AWS SageMaker, AWS Translate and AWS Comprehend.

  • Enterprise-experiences. Professional partner

    KeyCore is an official AWS Consultancy Partner.
    KeyCore’s consultants are always up-to-date with the latest certificates and best practices.

  • Professional and experienced consultants. KeyCore is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner.

    Using AWS Cloud-based solutions, is not “all or everything”. Let KeyCore help you identify how you can achieve real documented advantages in the best and most effective way.

  • Let us help you with GDPR compliance on AWS

    Use our unique AWS tools to validate and secure you AWS accounts

  • Achieve better scalability, performance, security and compliance

    Use Amazon AWS Cloud Computing in order to reach your businesslike goals. We are here to help – both before, under and after the transition to cloud computing.

  • Achieve agility, innovation and "Time-to-Market"

    AWS Cloud Computing-services will make your company more competetive if used correct. Why not get started?

AWS Center of Excellence-as-a-Service

We are a strong team of competent consultants who are ready to help you with all parts of your AWS solutions

Security and compliance

Let us help you to follow the latest guidelines and best-practices in order to ensure that your solutions are secure and complies your customer’s demands to integrity.

Control your costs

We both have the experience and tools to help you control the AWS costs – and not least to reduce them.

Talk to an expert

Do you need to discuss your design or challenges with an AWS expert who speaks Danish? We are ready to advise you!

Let our competent team help you so you can focus on the things you are good at

Examples of solutions - contact us today for a demo

A specific example of how a problem has been solved, is a good place to start. We have many different solutions, which we would very much like to show you.

Automatic database-failover

Ensure that your values i.e. your data, is always available for your customers and applications – and always online and secure.

Serverless architecture

Simplify your reference architecture. Let Amazon AWS worry about servers, infrastructure and configuration. Then you can focus on executing code that can suppport your operational goals.

Automate everything

One of the most essential advantages with AWS Cloud-solutions is that you can code your infrastructure. Standardize and automate procedures and monitoring- and deployment processes.