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Medicinal branchen

All life science professionals must meet extremely high standards of compliance to achieve license-to-operate. Therefore, AWS is the obvious choice, and KeyCore is the obvious partner to implement both AWS’ standard technology and unique KeyCore solutions.

A special focus area where KeyCore has acted as a partner to leading professionals is pharmacovigilance, which is the collective term for the monitoring of drug safety. All professionals in the pharmaceutical industry are obliged to continuously check, collect, and publish information about the safety of their products and any side effects.

KeyCore’s AWS experts have ensured the migration of pharmacovigilance services to AWS infrastructure as SaaS with the introduction of high agility, fast time-to-market and much shorter onboarding time for customers and suppliers who avoid the need to invest in their own infrastructure and thereby a growing burden both financially and administratively in the maintenance of applications.

With migration to AWS, KeyCore has also ensured that life science professionals have access to the highest standards of security and compliance of both HIIPA, GxP and GDPR.

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