AWS Migration


AWS cloud migration is more than just moving from A to B. Cloud migration with AWS is a transformation introducing new possibilities with better, faster, cheaper, and more secure collaboration, innovation, and operation.

AWS sets an international standard for cloud solutions, which has been the driving force behind AWS’ global market share of 46% and its position as the most used cloud provider in the world.

KeyCore’s certified AWS specialists and architects have many years of experience with the entire migration process. From the initial analyzes of both existing IT systems and business-critical needs to the design of the infrastructure that will provide the digital scalable support for optimizing the business and securing the future of development, growth, and a stronger bottom line.

– And ultimately, of course, the final migration, where the principles of AWS’ best practice are followed and ensure that the highest level of security with full compliance is observed, no data is lost and operations can continue unaffected throughout the process.

Read more about best practice using the AWS Migration Acceleration Program

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