Check what Facebook really knows about you

What does Facebook really know about you?

This blog entry is for once not about AWS but about how you can see all the data Facebook have on you.

To find out what Facebook knows about you, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Facebook-profile via a browser
  2. Go to settings:
  3. Choose the link at the foot at the page:
  4. Now Facebook will make you a ZIP-file and you will receive an e-mail when it is done. Wait for the e-mail and click on the link when it arrives. This will direct you to a download page.
  5. Click on “Download Archive” and download the file to your computer
  6. Unpack the file to a local folder – the content will look something like this:
  7. Open the file that is called index.htm – it will open in your browser
  8. Now you can see all the data Facebook has collected about you. The less you can see the better. But even if you have tried to be careful and super-paranoid as I have, there will definitely be surprises. Look what I found:

Things that are worth to look after

  • If you have used Facebook for Android, you can probably find an overview that shows who you have talked to and had a conversation with – also the people/companies you have spoken to over the phone.
  • If you have given Facebook access to your contacts you will see them here – also if they do not have Facebook
  • If you log into different sites using Facebook there maybe many surprises for you…

If there are other interesting things as I should have mentioned, please feel free to contact us. Use Comments or write to

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