Check what Google really knows about you

What does Google really knows about you?

In our previous post, we showed you how to see what Facebook knows about you – but what about Google? Find out by using the guide we have made for you:

To find out what Google knows about you, follow these steps:

  1. Open a browser
  2. Go to
  3. If you are not logged in, Google will tell you – or you can verify that you are logged in with the Google account you expected (top left corner):
  4. You now see a page where you have to choose the Google services you wish to export data from. I chose them all – but if you use Google Drive or Google Photos a lot you must be aware that all files will be downloaded and this affects the size of the file you get in the end.

    Press Next to move forward
  5. Here you can control what data you want delivered – I just chose the default settings:
  6. This can take some time so now you have to wait a little (it took 5 minutes with me, but it depends on how much data you have).
  7. Google sends you an e-mail (if you used the default settings in step 5 – when the other one comes, click on the ”Download archive” button
  8. You will now see an overview of the archives you have created and a download link for each of them:

    Click on the download link and download the file to your computer. Unpack the file to a local folder.
  9. Pak filen ud i en lokal folder:
  10. Open index.html in your browser and you will see an overview of the data that is in your export:
  11. If you click on ”My activity” a small sub-menu will appear on the page:

    Each menu can be unfolded and show a link with details. Here is a couple of examples from mine:
  12. Under “My activity-> Ads” I can see all the pages I have visited and where there are Google Ads:
  13. Under “My activity -> Search” I can see all the Google search I have made and what link I clicked on (in my case, it is appx. 25.000 data subjects):
  14. Under “My activity -> Chrome” I can see that Google saves all the URL’s I have visited.

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