Omnichannel frontends and global value chains presuppose that modern retail has robust, scalable cloud infrastructure with agile application ecosystems for fast time-to-market of new services.

KeyCore has in-depth experience with establishing AWS cloud infrastructure that can handle large amounts of data making it easy to integrate new applications that are able to extract and deliver data to existing systems, without these being affected.

Our AWS experts and Cloud Economists also deliver cost-optimized setups where maximum scalability ensures stable operations even with large seasonal spikes in traffic and workloads.

Typically, we work with an architecture consisting of an API layer, a microservice layer and an integration platform (Event Hub). Data from existing systems in LOB (Line Of Business) are delivered into the integration platform, where they can be extracted to microservices and exhibited to the PaaS systems through well-defined APIs. The main components are AWS Managed Kubernetes, Kafka Event Hub as well as SQL and NoSQL databases.

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