Security and compliance with international standards are license-to-operate for more and more companies. As an Advanced AWS Partner, KeyCore delivers top-level security.

A migration to an AWS cloud infrastructure gives access to a level of security that would be unrealistic both practically and economically for the vast majority.

AWS is internationally recognized as having one of the absolute highest levels of security at everything below the hypervisor line. Here, infrastructure, hardware, the physical facilitators and networks are located.

Everything below the hypervisor line is checked and documented by third parties several times a year, ensuring that AWS users can use it as part of their documentation proving that they are compliant and they can obtain the necessary certification that may apply to them. It is compliance with, among others, ISO 27001, GDPR, EU-US Privacy Shield, HIPAA and HMDA.

KeyCore has several experts who are specifically certified to develop and implement solutions that provide the maximum level of security while integrating perfectly with existing corporate governance principles.

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