Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

At KeyCore we are working on a number interesting of projects containing both AI- and ML components building on well-known AWS technology – AWS Rekognition, AWS SageMaker, AWS Translate og AWS Comprehend.

The potential in automatic addition of new meta data to media content is huge, both related to recognition and identification of persons, evaluation of scenes or even enriching with additional attributes adds value to both pictures and video material. It enables a completely new perspectives for a better qualitative indexing of media content and enables presentation of unique content to the user in a much more detailed way.

The potential is huge, and by using the AWS tech stack the initial investment is minimized. There are no licensing fees connected with the initiation of a PoC, enabling a very easy start.

We at KeyCore a very interested in using our expertise in assisting with the execution of a PoC or a MVP.