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Are you in control of data security on Amazon AWS?

KeyCores compliance tool documents, how your infrastructure complies with EUs data protection regulation, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

You can thereby prove that you comply with many of the rules for secure processing of personal data.

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Security as a natural part of the daily routines.

At KeyCore, we have many years of experience in all areas of IT security.

We know that it is not always easy to create a culture where “privacy by design” and “security by design” are a natural part of the way we work. We believe that all teams can be better, more efficient and, most importantly, deliver more secure solutions by providing intelligent infrastructure support that provides instant feedback when something does not comply with the agreed policies.

For example, get a message on Slack every time a firewall rule changes, create a ServiceNow event, if someone changes security settings – or a number of other options.

Talk to us about how our toolbox can help you get even better to deliver safe solutions.

Automatic reporting of compliance

We have automated a large number of validations as to whether an AWS account is properly set up in terms of security – and can provide you with the tools needed to pull these reports when required

Document compliance - also back in time

Traditional compliance reviews provide a snapshot of your compliance status at any given time. With the advanced tools AWS have made available and the unique KeyCore validations, you can prove that you were compliant last Tuesday at 14.27 as well as you can document exactly when and why a deviation occurred.

Start with the rules we have implemented - and add your own rules.

We have a large library of concrete checks that provide a very high level of security – but if you have any special conditions or internal rules, we can help you get these included so that there is the same high proactive level of security on. everything.

See the results immediately in an easily understandable overview.

We give you a unique web address where you can pull a report when neccessary – You get a real-time picture of how compliant you are based on the agreed rules is.

Let KeyCore assist, where needed

KeyCore has extensive experience in setting up and hardening AWS accounts. We can help you quickly and easily where needed.

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CIS - Center for Internet Security

The Center for Internet Security has prepared a very thorough document with concrete checks that overall provide a very high level of security for your AWS account.

Here is a link to a whitepaper discussing all these checks in detail

KeyCore has automated all of these controls and can allow you to see how many of them are compliant, in seconds. You can even test our reports by running a CloudFormation template that gives our backend some read-only rights to the AWS account that you want to investigate. Once the report is run, these rights can be retracted by a click with the mouse.

Here is a sample from a report: